Your ruthless fight at LASER PARIS

  • Laser Tag Paris

    The Biggest Laser Game in PARIS

    Total Space 520m2,  Located near the Eiffel Tower and close to the new Beaugrenelle shopping center, LASER PARIS is the only Laser Tag inside PARIS, and the only one around the world that offer you a fully online booking with secured payment that insure you to play on the booked time (Stop times you cannot play because a non serious telephone booking...)

    Mandatory, 1,20 m height min !

    LASER PARIS welcomes all year round with your friends, relatives or colleagues. For a business or private event, a rally, team building, end of year feast. To celebrate your birthday, bury your life boy or girl...


  • Lasergame Paris

    Laser game rules

    The game of laser tag is played SOLO (everyone for himself) or TEAM (team), with many other scenarii in a 400 m² arena with special light effects, black lights, futuristics & fluorescent graphs with rhymics remix musics.

    Each Player is equiped with an electronic Plastron and a lasergun which sends a laser beam — harmless to the eyes and sight of opponents. Jackets send to central computer shots in and out in live with display in live in the lobby, % accuracy average, mines, Super Power and so on.


  • Lasergame Paris

    It's 100% adrenalin !

    Mines, upon your head are strong opponents too, and 20 8 colors Targets gives you Super Powers to players able to shot them 3 times.

    Among these powers, the spy that change your plastron color confusing your ennemy, Rapid Fire for surprising them, The Stealth that protects you for limited shots, and finally the invisible mode where the player seems to be dead but is still alive and remains active to take on his opponents ! they can also be programmed for blast power to kill all of a team

    Digital voices and specifics sounds are sent on players plastrons,and continous information are displayed on the front screen in each gun (who kill you, time remainig, shot numbers, etc.).



    Scores to beat at Laser Paris

    Keep track of your fight

    At the end of the game, each player receives a personal score card that tells the personal total points, the accuracy, the team total points, but also who killed you, how many times you won Super Powers, mines that killed you and so on. In short, enough to keep track of your ruthless fight and to tell the story to other ! .FS DETOURÉE

Are you ready?
So come and challenge your friends, your colleagues, your family members